Spirit and Science: The Yin and Yang of Sleep and Dreams

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Balancing Sunlight by D Sharon Pruitt

Science vs. Spirit, Nature vs. Nurture, Yin and Yang

The Magic Nights sleep programming technique strikes that balance between science and spirit. It also can open the door to your evolution and give you a threshold from which to leap forward into your future – a better future.

Both science and spirit are essential to us as modern conscious and self-conscious human beings, and we can draw from both to create new ideas and new possibilities in our lives.

However, in our current society, acknowledging both can be problematic. As much as many of us attempt to maintain a balance between the two, the extremes can pull – or try to push – us toward either pure science or pure spirit. Because the Magic Nights approach can fall outside of the credibility system of purists at one end of the spectrum or the other and can feel unfamiliar, it is just a new technique that draws from and is supported by current wisdom and practices around sleep and the brain.  As a new idea, it can feel unfamiliar, but I have found that there is often a point of reference for many – perhaps a dream or an intention set at bedtime that was successful, that lights a spark of curiosity.  Fortunately, there are those out there like me who strive to strike that balance.  Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi’s new book Super Brain is a wonderful example of this new evolution of thought and process, of science and spirit harmoniously melded for a better now and a better future.

The Argument of Science

Some scientists seem to want to dismiss anything that they haven’t figured out yet as superstition, quackery or hucksterism (not that there isn’t plenty of that out there – just follow the money) but on that edge of research and scientific knowledge, “new” things are being “discovered” all the time; things which were, not that long ago, loudly dismissed as fantasy or simply deemed stupid.

And though we would like the comfort of a scientific reason and proof for everything, we don’t have it. To act like the only thing worth knowing is the thing that has scientific proof is egotistical and extremely short-sighted. To operate solely within that box of scientific safety would be ultimately hypocritical and, if instituted on a larger scale, outright dangerous.  We are still not anywhere close to being as smart as the forces that created us and sustain us.

Wasn’t it not that long ago, in the history of mankind, that the world was seen as flat, and that we were surely the center of the universe?  Weren’t great scientists on the leading edge of discovery frequently afraid for their lives over a few ideas that were at the time seemingly nonsensical, but later proven factual?

The Tradition of Spirit

On the other extreme, these Magic Nights ideas have also been summarily dismissed by those with more established religious belief systems, in that it dares to offer a door to a deeper spiritual connection that does not fit established frameworks and use established dogma.  Who are we to receive direct communication from our inner and greater wisdom or perhaps that of highly evolved spiritual beings, and who am I to have the audacity to suggest that anyone can do it with relative ease. I have gotten, from time to time, a fearful, flat look from those of religious authority I have proposed this method to that, in other times, might very well have resulted in some form of untimely demise involving fire or martyrdom.

Creating the Balance

So, in this transitional time, we still try to create this big divide between science and spirit, when the line is actually quite mobile and frequently difficult to contain.  And it should be if we want to evolve and survive as a species. Our lives depend on working with the world and our universe in a way that will sustain us, whether science has caught up or not.  Perhaps it’s not a comfortable place to be – on the leading edge – but here we all are.

However, science does give us that firm foundation from which to leap forward.  And I welcome it as such. I welcome those very scientists to do their thing and study this new idea, this easy and potentially powerful technique.

Thankfully, who I am and what I am doing and presenting is not dependent on the judgements or disbelief of others.  I am right where I want to be.  I am simply enjoying creativity and the idea of helping a lot of people in a fun, fundamental and practical way.

And, by my choice, I infuse my work with color, joy and movement.  As a visioneer, I am mapping out the Magic Nights technique so that the yin and yang of it balance, and therefore spin freely to create a new possibility.  I am dancing on that balance point, flowing with the harmony and motion of it, enjoying the mystery of the science not yet discovered, and enjoying also how science keeps rising up beneath my feet to give my dance a foundation and a place to leap higher from

Come, dance with me…..

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How to Have A Brilliant Idea

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Einstein' s Hair by Rafael Robles

What if Everyone woke up one morning with Einstein’s Hair?

And a Brilliant Idea.

What a great day that would be. Maybe we could save the world!  Small ideas, grand ideas – they would all work in their own unique ways, inspire smiles and create a vision for a new and better world. Just think of the buzz in the local cafes and bars.

This is actually not so far-fetched. Having a brilliant idea is not as hard as it sounds.  Let me tell you why, tell you my brilliant idea story, and show you how you can do it, too:

First, a brief on the Serious Science of it:

Our brains are more powerful and more responsive than we understand (Neuroscientists know a lot less than they will usually admit).  Luckily, with just our intention and focus, we can tap into this power.  There is evidence in Neuroscience and Physics that backs this up. My “Serious Science” blog post has a bit more information and more links.

Now for My Story:

Years ago, I had been told from a number of reliable sources that I should consider writing as a way to “really make it” in this world.  I started by dabbling in screenwriting, resulting in one very long and epic script.  I found out what an amazing rush creative writing could be.  That was and continues to be great fun, but selling a screenplay is about as likely as winning the lottery.  So I needed a new idea.  I need to write something that was marketable, easy and fun for me to write, would be accessible and useful to a broad audience; old and young, rich and poor. I wanted it to be a fun experience and a launch pad for other fun experiences and products – maybe even a film!

The first Brilliant Idea:

A few days later, I was taking a walk in a beautiful park pondering this. Suddenly, I heard that wise voice in my head say, “Write about how you program your sleep.”  Brilliant!  That was perfect.  It was something I knew well, having done it for years already.  I had worked out a system and had lots of experience and stories to tell.  All I needed to do was write it up, throw in some fun personal stories and things to do in between the how-to bits and get it out there.

Then I began the process.  And each step of the way, I had that wonderful wise voice guiding me.  In fact, the presence of that voice was the result of all my nights of sleep programming.  I had opened a door to inner and outer wisdom every night and had developed a level of trust and ease with that connection that I no longer needed to ask at night.  I could ask any time and get answers after, not weeks or even days, but almost immediately.

The next Brilliant Idea:

When I had gotten far enough into the writing process, I realized I needed some kind of metaphor, some kind of visual image to tie all the material together harmoniously.  So I took a walk, sat under a tree by a river and opened my mind.  A few minutes later, a vision came to me.  A pirate ship, like the one in Pirates of Penzance – fun, full of colorful images, costumes, dance, song and happy endings.

Brilliant again!  I saw all the pieces of the book falling into place.  How fun would that be.  My mind was racing and I was happy to get back to work on my book.

I went to town with the pirate ship idea, obviously.  I just couldn’t help myself. Some people think my site should be more serious – play up my doctor credentials and credibility. But to me, that would be boring. Despite that fancy diploma, series of licenses, white doctor’s coat and huge student loan, it’s just not who I am, and writing is all about being authentic.

So, like sailing off into an ocean of adventure, I chart this course to be under the pure blue skies of authenticity.  A brilliant idea can’t be truly brilliant any other way.

How you can have your own Brilliant Ideas:

I love the idea of a brilliant idea being easy, fun, deep and mind expanding all at once.  I think the best ideas are that way. And then I thought about asking for brilliant ideas.  Everyone could ask for one, just as I did.  Everyone – no matter their circumstances, could have their own brilliant idea and we could, together, save the world, each in our own way! All they have to do is ask, and then sleep on it. How exciting!

So get on your Magic Nights ship tonight and put on your Captain’s Uniform of inner wisdom, brilliance and authenticity.  Invite your crew of wise ones from the universe of your dreamtime and ask for a brilliant idea!  Do this every night for a week and let me know how it goes. Buy my book Magic Nights to learn just the right magic words and have a good understanding of how it works, and discover lots of other possibilities for nighttime adventure, too.

What if we all woke up with Einstein’s hair! – how fun would that be….

Have a Magic Night!

Dr. Katie








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Sleep ‘Green’, Sleep Well

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Til the End of Time by Akshay Moon

‘Green’ Sleep is Good Sleep. 

They call it ‘sleep hygiene’ in the medical community: those simple things you can do to get better sleep.

And most of them, not coincidentally, are also ‘green’ things to do.

Clean your world, your body and your mind. Then enlist the powerful, free and renewable resources of your brain and the universe with the Magic Nights technique to help you get just the kind of sleep you want.

‘Green’ your Home and Your Sleep Environment:

Air pollution:

  • Sleep in a room which has good circulation and air free from toxins.  Buy a HEPA air purifier to have on hand to clean the air before bedtime, especially if you have pets.
  • Minimize toxic fumes from artificial scents.  If you like scents, use pure organic scent oils such as lavender oil
  • Many cleaning solutions can also emit toxic fumes. Clean your bedroom, your bedding and night-wear with non-toxic, unscented, biodegradable products.
  • Formaldehyde and other toxic gases can be emitted from newer rubber (including memory foam), new plastics and glues (pressboard furniture and synthetic carpets).
  • For lots of ideas to help make your bedroom, home and life more ‘green’ and healthy, go to my friends Lia and Jason’s Green Living and Building Center site and store in Lambertville, NJ.  Also Norman’s Green with Envy Home Store in Hillsborough, NJ has lots of good products and another place to visit might be Your Organic Bedroom in Doylestown, PA

Electronic Pollution from appliances, radio waves and EMF:

  • Turn off and unplug as many electronic appliances as you can while you are sleeping.
  • Turn off radio frequency emitting devices if possible, or keep them as far away as possible from your sleeping room – this includes WiFi antennas.
  • Keep anything you must have switched on, such as an alarm clock or cell phone, at least four feet from your body when you are sleeping.

Noise Pollution:

  • Don’t sleep with the television on!  If you must have sound, use a nondescript sound generator designed for sleep.
  • Don’t watch disturbing or violent news or television in the hours before bedtime.  Instead watch something uplifting like romance or humorous shows or listen to soothing music.

‘Green’ your Body and Your Mind:

Food and Drink Pollution:

  • Don’t have alcohol, coffee, tea or other stimulants in the evening.
  • Drink pure water or decaffeinated digestive or calming teas instead.
  • Eat whole, organic, raw foods if possible.  They are easier to digest.

Body Energetics:

  • Gentle and balancing forms of exercise are good before bed, such as Chi Gung or Yoga for relaxation orAcu-Yoga.  They will help your sleep have a deeper healing effect.
  • Taking a bath or shower before bed will not only help you feel fresh and relaxed, but clean the body’s energetic system as well.  Let all the stress from the day go right down the drain.
  • Use the techniques in my blog post “My Cure for Insomnia” for more healthy body balancing before bed.

‘Green’ your life using the Magic Nights Technique:

Use the powerful, free and renewable resources of your brain, your immune system and the universe in helping you get good sleep by simply asking for it using the ‘magic words’ that work.  Buy Magic Nights to learn how to use this tool for good sleep and more.


Have a Magic Night!

Dr. Katie Hawn

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Magic Nights Movie: Scene 2

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Tony Seville's Pirate's Alley Cafe

Pirate’s Cafe by Greenasian

Kate tucked the sheet of paper inside her notebook and, wrapping the leather cord around its  cover.  She lifted her eyes, surveying the scene in the bar.

The newcomers uneasily settled into their seats, their eyes darting to the windows and the weather outside. Bob’s Barmaid made the rounds, but few were interested in her menu. 

A large official man, Bernard, stalked into the tavern, taking an authoritative stance.  The guests moved their eyes to him and waited.  Bernard was never short on words, or orders to hand out, given the opportunity.

Kate moved quietly toward the back of the bar and sidled up next to Bob.  Both of them turned a blank gaze toward Bernard. He took a breath and began to bark: “Everyone, follow me.  It looks like a bad one. ” There were a few low groans from the crowd. He got louder, “You know the drill. Everyone goes to the city shelter room until this blows over.” Then his voice softened slightly, but didn’t gain one ounce of sincerity, “We will keep you informed of developments at all times. Now please move along.”

Kate and Bob leaned back against the bar as the rest filed out. Then Bob followed behind the crowd to the door. “Come back soon.” He called out easily and loudly, as if it were any other closing time.

From the street, Bernard, still shouting orders, threw a backward glance at Bob, glaring at him with cultivated resentment. Bob casually swung the heavy door shut and threw its latch, then turned a bolt.  The deep heavy clunk of steel signaled that the inner mechanisms of the well-fortified door were engaged. Another gust of wind hit the door in protest, but it was unmoved.

Bob and Kate stood near the window. “So, Kate, how is the weather?” Bob inquired, Kate put her hands in the air, as if feeling it’s currents through the thick panes of glass. Bob looked at her face intently. Kate laughed, “It’s a blustery day.”   But then she closed her eyes and extended her arms and hands more, purposefully. They  swept back and forth, up and down, carving the air as if to entrance it.  But Bob was the one taken into a trance. Soon her motions came to balance and stillness, paused then drifted down to her sides.

Suddenly she grabbed Bob and swung him around playfully.  Just as suddenly, she sat down again and took a deep breath. “That feels a little better.” she sighed. Bob, unsettled, backed away just a little. “They’ll be back soon.” was his excuse as he moved back from Kate to take care of the bar.

Outside, the wind calmed for a moment, then picked up again. Kate moved away from the window and perched herself on a bar stool near where Bob was busying himself. She unwrapped her notebook and pulled out the page marked Bob’s #1 and her pen. She looked up at Bob for a moment, thinking, then began to write:

“What if you had a brilliant idea.  Would it be big or small? Who would it help? How would it feel? What would it do?”

She folded the paper up, keeping it under her fingers and she reached deep into her vest with her other hand and touched her gold ball, then brought out her hand to reveal the traces of gold it had left there.  “Bob-” Bob stopped wiping the bar.  “Remember the gold ball?” “Yeah.” Bob replied. Kate planted her gold dusted fingertips on the sheet of paper and pushed it forward. “Come to my ship tonight, say – eight.  I’ll tell you about it.”  Bob stood there for a moment, glancing down at it, feigning disinterest.  Then Kate pulled the paper back and waited until she had Bob’s attention.

Bob’s expression gave just a hint of interest. Kate knew Bob well enough to know that he, like many, wanted that quick fix, that easy instant answer. And the process of getting that gold ball was anything but quick and easy. It was the result of years of work and experimentation. But she also knew that Bob had a good heart, and sometimes an open mind.  After all, he did put up with Kate’s tendency to wax metaphysical on him, and still seemed to like her company. So, taking that chance, Kate took her hand off the piece of paper on the counter and went toward the window.

The weather outside was still blustery, but less strange. People were already coming out of the town hall, talking among themselves, relieved to get on with their lives. Bernard stood on the steps importantly, scowling at the sky and fending off the annoyed questions from a few townspeople. 

Back in the bar, Bob read the paper Kate had left. Kate glanced back at him casually. “ Tonight then?”  Bob left the paper to rest on the bar, working around it as if afraid acknowledge its existence. “Yeah.” He replied.

Kate was also eager to get on with her day. She pulled out her crystal ball communicator and glanced at its colorful display.  “Shit. I’m going to be late. Got to go!”. She dropped her ball as she grabbed her coat and pulled it on. The ball rolled away, then stopped and rolled back to her feet.  She waited for it to stop, then swooped it up, tucking it into a silver-lined pouch at her waist.  

Bob sneered. “They’ll find you anywhere.”  Kate retorted, “If I let them.” She stood in the doorway, holding tight to the brim of her hat, and let her hair blow in the wind a moment, then Kate stepped out into the world.  Bob watched her leave, with one hand slyly reaching out to the paper, keeping it from blowing away with the wind that blew in the door. He slid it off the bar and into his apron.  Then he went to the door to secure it and stepped to the window to watch as Kate disappeared into the morning mist.

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My Cure for Insomnia

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On the Edge of the Dreamtime Ocean by Prairiekittin

I have this little prayer and ritual that I do every night just before I go to sleep.  I lay in my bed and do a few things to balance my body and go through a short mental intention to make sure I get the kind of sleep I want. Then I ask for something a little extra using more of my special Magic Nights words.

The problem is, on more nights than I would like to admit, I can’t even get through even half of it before falling asleep.  Sometimes I even feel that my brain just blocks me from continuing the thought.  “Enough” it will say, and just make me go to sleep without any agenda whatsoever.

This sleep-inducing protocol is the first part of the Magic Nights Technique:

  • I set the overall tone for the night with words like Love and Light.
  • I make sure everyone is safe and has a good time:                                             “According to Free Will and for the Good of All.”
  • I put on my Captain’s uniform:
  1. I do a mini cross-crawl exercise with my hands and feet to balance my right and left brain,
  2. activate each Chakra by putting my hands over it and running a little energy through it until it feels open and good, to balance my neurology more.
  3. I call forth my inner wisdom, divine essence and authentic self in harmony and wholeness.
  • I begin to invite my Magic Nights Crew…Z Z Z…

If I wake up in the middle of the night and realize I hadn’t gotten through my full Magic Nights intention, I just start again. This time, I usually can stay awake long enough to get through all of it.

But then, if I really, really can’t sleep even with the intention, I might drink some water then:

In either case, I will make sure to spend a little more time on my morning attention meditation.

I guess sometimes a girl just needs to just sleep.  And that’s OK.

Have a Magic Night!


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