Magic Nights Lullabye: A Sea Chanty for Children

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Dreamtime Boats by Sammydavisdog


Sing this lullabye to help your children have a Magic Night.  

So that they will always remember…


 Set to an old Irish tune:

“Star of the County Down”


Magic Nights Lullabye Music and Lyrics       (.pdf here)

Every Magic Night, there’s a golden dock that goes out to the dreamtime sea.

There your ship awaits, and it’s strong and sleek. Only you have the magic key.

So put on your Captain’s fancy dress and call up your hearty crew.

Check your maps, chart your course. Raise the sails, take the wheel.

There’s adventure ahead for you.

Will you swim with the dolphins down into the deep, or daringly great whales ride ?

Will you dance and play, through the nighttime day, with your best mates by your side ?

So lay down your head on your pillow, and drift off on a dreamtime tide.

We’re devoted crew, and we’re here for you on your Magic Nights dreamtime ride.


Musical Notes 🙂 the YouTube version plays the tune ABB, ABB, ABB, where I have written it out ABAB  The sheet music .pdf shows the A part and the B part of the tune.

Have a Magic Night!


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