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A Five Star Review at for Magic Nights

by Corinna Underwood 11/4/2011

How would you like to feel more confident in every aspect of your life, to release your mind and body from all those niggling anxieties? How would you like to have a restful sleep every night and wake up in the morning feeling fully refreshed and eager to start your day?

Katie Hawn, author of Magic Nights has developed a trove of treasures to help you do just that. Now you can use these tried and tested techniques to use the power of your mind to heal yourself, increase your confidence and energy and develop your creative thinking, even while you are sleeping.

This fantastic book will take you ever onwards, on a breathtaking journey into the deepest recesses of your soul. Accompanied by your spirit guides, soul friends and protective totems, armed with a tool box of techniques, you will travel the dream seas to find happiness and health, achieve your most desired goals and open your heart to divine love. This is a book that you will want to keep at your bedside wherever you sleep.

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Press Release

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Katie Hawn, DC


Our lives are moving faster than ever, but one third of our time is spent
sleeping. Until now, the best we could hope for would be a good night’s sleep
and perhaps an interesting dream. In these challenging times, many are left
without resources or hope for a better future, but there are resources within
all of us and in our universe that are unlimited and free, just for the asking.
Scientists tell us that we use only fifteen percent of our brain at a time, and
we are discovering new things about our world and universe every day that amaze us.

Magic Nights combines these three resources: our time asleep, our brain’s true
capacity and the potential in the universe into a powerful yet fun tool that can
help the reader every night. Using a simple metaphor and visualization of a
nighttime journey into the ocean of the universe, the reader can custom-program
their sleep in five minutes. When they awaken in the morning, they can use the
tools in Magic Nights to learn to feel or listen within, in order to
understand the treasures that their brain and the universe has brought to them
during the night.

Dr. Hawn teaches the best words to use, where to begin and how to make this new
and easy technique work in every area of the reader’s life. She also deepens the
readers understanding of the process as she tells tales of her journeys into the
night and in meditation. Magic Nights can be used to get a good night’s sleep,
encourage health and healthy relationships and fine new paths to wealth that
will surprise and delight. It can be used across all spiritual practices and by
all ages, safely opening the door to the wealth of inner wisdom and the
benevolence of the universe.

Magic Nights is a powerful and empowering concept, in the league of Rhonda
Byrne’s /The Secret/ and Don Miguel Ruiz’s /The Four Agreements/. It can enhance
the ability of the reader to achieve success in every area of their life, for
their entire life, elevating their capacity to create a new and better world
around them, and more importantly, within them, all while they sleep.

Dr. Hawn has been a healer, cranial specialist and meditator for over twenty
years and has been practicing Chiropractic and writing creatively for ten years.
Her experience in the film industry as a screenwriter and actor, as well as her
wisdom gained in a life of journeying on land, as well as in other realms, has
brought to Magic Nights a sense of adventure that belies the power of the
tools within its pages. It is truly a treasure.

ISBN: 978-0-615-44212-9

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Copyright © 2011 by Katie Hawn, DC
Publisher: The Divine Creatives Group, LLC
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