Sleep Well and Dream Big – Every Night

with this Easy Meditation Technique

Magic Nights is Your Treasure Map and Travel Guide

to the Ocean of Power and Possibility in Your Sleeping Mind

Read my blog posts to get helpful tips and new ideas about getting great sleep and using your sleep to help you to

achieve your biggest dreams in life

Magic Nights Book Cover

Do you crave a good nights’ sleep?

Would you like some great dreams too?

How would you like to feel
when you wake up in the morning?

Maybe you would you like to
solve a problem during the night,
or have a brilliant idea.

Don’t ever ‘just sleep’ again!  Sleep better, sleep peacefully, sleep deeply and sleep with a purpose.

Just by setting your intention for five minutes, every night you can put these three unlimited resources to work for you – time, your brain and the power of the universe.  Then in the morning,

discover the Gifts the Universe has brought to you!

You are the treasure you seek

Your inner wisdom is your best guidance

Your immune system is your best defense

The universe is your best friend

All you have to do is believe it

Luckily, we are all waiting here for you, just beyond your dreams 

Every Magic Night

Copyright © 2011 by Katie Hawn, DC
Publisher: The Divine Creatives Group, LLC
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Lambertville, NJ 08530 USA art by Armor Keller