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You are the Treasure you seek

Your Inner Wisdom is your best guidance

Your Immune system is your best defense

The Universe is your best friend

All you have to do is believe it

Luckily, We are all waiting here for you

Just beyond your dreams

Every Magic Night

Table of Contents

-1- A Travel Brochure

Introducing the Adventure
* How to Use This Book
The Ship’s Safety Manual
The Tool Chest

* Captain’s Log #1: My Life Is…

About Your Travel Guide

-2- Prayers of Our Ancestors

Setting an Intention
* Captain’s Log #2: Pondering Your Brain
Prayer and Religion
Divine Paper Cups
* Captain’s Log #3: Pondering the Universe
Wandering and Gathering Tools
* Captain’s Log #4: The Power to Choose
Productive Sleep
Bedtime Prayers, Historically
A Native American Sweat Lodge
The Peace Pipe Ceremony
* Itinerary #1: First Journeys

-3- Captain’s Travelogue

and Tool Chest
Talking Back
Really Big Lessons
Where’s the Rule Book?
Positive Magic
Like a Therapist
The Shaman’s Way
The Rock Lady

* Captain’s Log #5: Inner Wisdom

-4- The Magic Words

A Good Nights’ Sleep Ship Shape
Day Trips: Get Happy Invite Your Crew
Some Crew and Cruise Mates
Choosing a More Peaceful Journey
Feelings as Destinations
About Dreams
Taking the Helm
* Itinerary #2: A Silent Mind
Silence as a Tool

* Day Trips: When the Student is Ready

Getting to Know Your Crew
Back to the Dock with Your Treasures

-5- The Port of Supply

Fresh Water: Love Yourself Completely
* Day Trips: Shower Polish
Food for the Soul: Know Who You Are
A Warm Fire: Everything is All Right
Just Breathe: Surrender
Wood: Building Good Will
* Itinerary #3: World Service Journeys
Practice, Practice, Practice
Moving On

-6- Journeys to Health

Health Defined
Journeys to a Good Night’s Sleep
Journeys to Health and Wellness

* Day Trips: Walking Tall

A Bum Knee
Journeys to Help with Exercise and Sports
The Elixir of Life
Beyond the Physical

-7- Journeys to Wealth

* Day Trips: Waves of Wealth
Stuff, Meaning and Motion
Energy Follows Thought
* Day Trips: Shower Power The Help
Studying Wealth
The Magic Store
How Does it Feel to be Wealthy
Journeys to Wealth
* Itinerary #4: A Brilliant Idea
Get a Job
Ask and You Shall Receive
* Day Trips: Wealth as Love in Motion

-8- Journeys to Love

Love and Freedom
Avoiding Manipulation
Trusting Your Inner Wisdom
Journeys to Love
* Captain’s Log #6: A Relationship Wish List
What You Focus On Expands
* Itinerary #5: Happy, Healthy, Busy, and Creative
Two Circles, Two Ships
A Journey to Heal Love and The Vision that Followed

-9- Treasure

*Itinerary #6: You are the Treasure

-10- Captain’s Epilogue

-11- Ship’s Library

Chapter one

A Travel Brochure:


Nighttime is when we sleep. We lay down to rest because our bodies require it to survive. Sleep too much and we seem to be sleeping our life away. Sleep too little and we just can’t function when we are awake. If we don’t sleep at all, we eventually go insane. We dream, or don’t dream. We wake up rested, or we just wake up because we must face the day ahead, like it or not. A full third of our lives is spent in sleep. Is a time of rest, as necessary as it is, all we are going to get, or can there be more? Science is just beginning to see that we can learn during our sleep. And dreams have always been the stuff of psychological examination. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of our potential. Like the early explorers braving the ocean waters in search of new worlds, we in our sleep and dreaming time can explore our own inner ocean, which is overflowing with more potential and possibility than we can imagine.

When we go to sleep it’s like traveling to another world, like floating out to sea in a little boat, not exactly sure what lies beyond the horizon. Most of us are comfortable pushing the boat out from shore just a little, hoping to drift peacefully, so that when we awaken in the morning, we will feel refreshed and ready for the new day. Most of us also have had some experiences with dreams and visions that defy our ability to explain. There is that sneaking suspicion that there is more out on that ocean, and perhaps beyond that peaceful horizon, than we know. After all, how much of our brain do we really use consciously? Ten percent? How much do we really know about the universe, or is it the multiverse? Much less than that.

Just imagine that when you sleep you could go to a place where you can solve problems, heal or just get a little further toward peace, joy and purpose in your life. You could find answers to all those questions that go around and around in your mind: How can I get rich? How can I get that dream job? How can I wake up a little better, a little clearer, a little healthier? How can I get things done when I am asleep? How can I learn something new or remember something I seem to have forgotten? How can I evolve into a new attitude that will help me move forward in my life? Then there are the bigger questions that you might find yourself asking: What is really best for me anyway? Who would I be if all my life’s challenges and burdens were suddenly released? What would it feel like to be my Authentic Self? Who, out there in the vast universe, can help me with all of this? Since scientists estimate that we use only about ten percent of our brain at any given time, what is this “unused” part of our brain capable of? Is it waiting up there in our heads for us to decide to go exploring among its vast networks of neurons and to finally discover how to use it in its full capacity?

In New Age philosophy, it is said that a mere three percent of our be-ing, our complete soul and self, is actually located inside our physical bodies. The larger version of our be-ing knows the truth of our full power and potential, and about the real power and potential in the universe around us and in us. And what of this universe? How much do we really understand about it? How much knowledge and wisdom is out there waiting patiently to be recognized for what it is?

This guidebook will help you tap into some of these vast resources using the creative and imaginative part of your brain in a more expansive and adventurous way. It’s more than saying “Now I lay me down to sleep …” It’s knowing that we all can reach further and higher. It’s knowing that the power of our own mind and our own soul is so much more than we have been taught. It’s knowing that these are truly wonderful and magical times full of potential. There are many lands and levels of awareness and wonderful treasures out in that vast ocean of the universe within and without. And there is always a hand reaching out, inviting us to explore these places and helping us to be the truly powerful creators we are meant to be.

Katie Hawn, DC
The Divine Creatives Group, LLC
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