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Til the End of Time by Akshay Moon

‘Green’ Sleep is Good Sleep. 

They call it ‘sleep hygiene’ in the medical community: those simple things you can do to get better sleep.

And most of them, not coincidentally, are also ‘green’ things to do.

Clean your world, your body and your mind. Then enlist the powerful, free and renewable resources of your brain and the universe with the Magic Nights technique to help you get just the kind of sleep you want.

‘Green’ your Home and Your Sleep Environment:

Air pollution:

  • Sleep in a room which has good circulation and air free from toxins.  Buy a HEPA air purifier to have on hand to clean the air before bedtime, especially if you have pets.
  • Minimize toxic fumes from artificial scents.  If you like scents, use pure organic scent oils such as lavender oil
  • Many cleaning solutions can also emit toxic fumes. Clean your bedroom, your bedding and night-wear with non-toxic, unscented, biodegradable products.
  • Formaldehyde and other toxic gases can be emitted from newer rubber (including memory foam), new plastics and glues (pressboard furniture and synthetic carpets).
  • For lots of ideas to help make your bedroom, home and life more ‘green’ and healthy, go to my friends Lia and Jason’s Green Living and Building Center site and store in Lambertville, NJ.  Also Norman’s Green with Envy Home Store in Hillsborough, NJ has lots of good products and another place to visit might be Your Organic Bedroom in Doylestown, PA

Electronic Pollution from appliances, radio waves and EMF:

  • Turn off and unplug as many electronic appliances as you can while you are sleeping.
  • Turn off radio frequency emitting devices if possible, or keep them as far away as possible from your sleeping room – this includes WiFi antennas.
  • Keep anything you must have switched on, such as an alarm clock or cell phone, at least four feet from your body when you are sleeping.

Noise Pollution:

  • Don’t sleep with the television on!  If you must have sound, use a nondescript sound generator designed for sleep.
  • Don’t watch disturbing or violent news or television in the hours before bedtime.  Instead watch something uplifting like romance or humorous shows or listen to soothing music.

‘Green’ your Body and Your Mind:

Food and Drink Pollution:

  • Don’t have alcohol, coffee, tea or other stimulants in the evening.
  • Drink pure water or decaffeinated digestive or calming teas instead.
  • Eat whole, organic, raw foods if possible.  They are easier to digest.

Body Energetics:

  • Gentle and balancing forms of exercise are good before bed, such as Chi Gung or Yoga for relaxation orAcu-Yoga.  They will help your sleep have a deeper healing effect.
  • Taking a bath or shower before bed will not only help you feel fresh and relaxed, but clean the body’s energetic system as well.  Let all the stress from the day go right down the drain.
  • Use the techniques in my blog post “My Cure for Insomnia” for more healthy body balancing before bed.

‘Green’ your life using the Magic Nights Technique:

Use the powerful, free and renewable resources of your brain, your immune system and the universe in helping you get good sleep by simply asking for it using the ‘magic words’ that work.  Buy Magic Nights to learn how to use this tool for good sleep and more.


Have a Magic Night!

Dr. Katie Hawn

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