Spirit and Science: The Yin and Yang of Sleep and Dreams

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Balancing Sunlight by D Sharon Pruitt

Science vs. Spirit, Nature vs. Nurture, Yin and Yang

The Magic Nights sleep programming technique strikes that balance between science and spirit. It also can open the door to your evolution and give you a threshold from which to leap forward into your future – a better future.

Both science and spirit are essential to us as modern conscious and self-conscious human beings, and we can draw from both to create new ideas and new possibilities in our lives.

However, in our current society, acknowledging both can be problematic. As much as many of us attempt to maintain a balance between the two, the extremes can pull – or try to push – us toward either pure science or pure spirit. Because the Magic Nights approach can fall outside of the credibility system of purists at one end of the spectrum or the other and can feel unfamiliar, it is just a new technique that draws from and is supported by current wisdom and practices around sleep and the brain.  As a new idea, it can feel unfamiliar, but I have found that there is often a point of reference for many – perhaps a dream or an intention set at bedtime that was successful, that lights a spark of curiosity.  Fortunately, there are those out there like me who strive to strike that balance.  Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi’s new book Super Brain is a wonderful example of this new evolution of thought and process, of science and spirit harmoniously melded for a better now and a better future.

The Argument of Science

Some scientists seem to want to dismiss anything that they haven’t figured out yet as superstition, quackery or hucksterism (not that there isn’t plenty of that out there – just follow the money) but on that edge of research and scientific knowledge, “new” things are being “discovered” all the time; things which were, not that long ago, loudly dismissed as fantasy or simply deemed stupid.

And though we would like the comfort of a scientific reason and proof for everything, we don’t have it. To act like the only thing worth knowing is the thing that has scientific proof is egotistical and extremely short-sighted. To operate solely within that box of scientific safety would be ultimately hypocritical and, if instituted on a larger scale, outright dangerous.  We are still not anywhere close to being as smart as the forces that created us and sustain us.

Wasn’t it not that long ago, in the history of mankind, that the world was seen as flat, and that we were surely the center of the universe?  Weren’t great scientists on the leading edge of discovery frequently afraid for their lives over a few ideas that were at the time seemingly nonsensical, but later proven factual?

The Tradition of Spirit

On the other extreme, these Magic Nights ideas have also been summarily dismissed by those with more established religious belief systems, in that it dares to offer a door to a deeper spiritual connection that does not fit established frameworks and use established dogma.  Who are we to receive direct communication from our inner and greater wisdom or perhaps that of highly evolved spiritual beings, and who am I to have the audacity to suggest that anyone can do it with relative ease. I have gotten, from time to time, a fearful, flat look from those of religious authority I have proposed this method to that, in other times, might very well have resulted in some form of untimely demise involving fire or martyrdom.

Creating the Balance

So, in this transitional time, we still try to create this big divide between science and spirit, when the line is actually quite mobile and frequently difficult to contain.  And it should be if we want to evolve and survive as a species. Our lives depend on working with the world and our universe in a way that will sustain us, whether science has caught up or not.  Perhaps it’s not a comfortable place to be – on the leading edge – but here we all are.

However, science does give us that firm foundation from which to leap forward.  And I welcome it as such. I welcome those very scientists to do their thing and study this new idea, this easy and potentially powerful technique.

Thankfully, who I am and what I am doing and presenting is not dependent on the judgements or disbelief of others.  I am right where I want to be.  I am simply enjoying creativity and the idea of helping a lot of people in a fun, fundamental and practical way.

And, by my choice, I infuse my work with color, joy and movement.  As a visioneer, I am mapping out the Magic Nights technique so that the yin and yang of it balance, and therefore spin freely to create a new possibility.  I am dancing on that balance point, flowing with the harmony and motion of it, enjoying the mystery of the science not yet discovered, and enjoying also how science keeps rising up beneath my feet to give my dance a foundation and a place to leap higher from

Come, dance with me…..

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