How to Have A Brilliant Idea

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Einstein' s Hair by Rafael Robles

What if Everyone woke up one morning with Einstein’s Hair?

And a Brilliant Idea.

What a great day that would be. Maybe we could save the world!  Small ideas, grand ideas – they would all work in their own unique ways, inspire smiles and create a vision for a new and better world. Just think of the buzz in the local cafes and bars.

This is actually not so far-fetched. Having a brilliant idea is not as hard as it sounds.  Let me tell you why, tell you my brilliant idea story, and show you how you can do it, too:

First, a brief on the Serious Science of it:

Our brains are more powerful and more responsive than we understand (Neuroscientists know a lot less than they will usually admit).  Luckily, with just our intention and focus, we can tap into this power.  There is evidence in Neuroscience and Physics that backs this up. My “Serious Science” blog post has a bit more information and more links.

Now for My Story:

Years ago, I had been told from a number of reliable sources that I should consider writing as a way to “really make it” in this world.  I started by dabbling in screenwriting, resulting in one very long and epic script.  I found out what an amazing rush creative writing could be.  That was and continues to be great fun, but selling a screenplay is about as likely as winning the lottery.  So I needed a new idea.  I need to write something that was marketable, easy and fun for me to write, would be accessible and useful to a broad audience; old and young, rich and poor. I wanted it to be a fun experience and a launch pad for other fun experiences and products – maybe even a film!

The first Brilliant Idea:

A few days later, I was taking a walk in a beautiful park pondering this. Suddenly, I heard that wise voice in my head say, “Write about how you program your sleep.”  Brilliant!  That was perfect.  It was something I knew well, having done it for years already.  I had worked out a system and had lots of experience and stories to tell.  All I needed to do was write it up, throw in some fun personal stories and things to do in between the how-to bits and get it out there.

Then I began the process.  And each step of the way, I had that wonderful wise voice guiding me.  In fact, the presence of that voice was the result of all my nights of sleep programming.  I had opened a door to inner and outer wisdom every night and had developed a level of trust and ease with that connection that I no longer needed to ask at night.  I could ask any time and get answers after, not weeks or even days, but almost immediately.

The next Brilliant Idea:

When I had gotten far enough into the writing process, I realized I needed some kind of metaphor, some kind of visual image to tie all the material together harmoniously.  So I took a walk, sat under a tree by a river and opened my mind.  A few minutes later, a vision came to me.  A pirate ship, like the one in Pirates of Penzance – fun, full of colorful images, costumes, dance, song and happy endings.

Brilliant again!  I saw all the pieces of the book falling into place.  How fun would that be.  My mind was racing and I was happy to get back to work on my book.

I went to town with the pirate ship idea, obviously.  I just couldn’t help myself. Some people think my site should be more serious – play up my doctor credentials and credibility. But to me, that would be boring. Despite that fancy diploma, series of licenses, white doctor’s coat and huge student loan, it’s just not who I am, and writing is all about being authentic.

So, like sailing off into an ocean of adventure, I chart this course to be under the pure blue skies of authenticity.  A brilliant idea can’t be truly brilliant any other way.

How you can have your own Brilliant Ideas:

I love the idea of a brilliant idea being easy, fun, deep and mind expanding all at once.  I think the best ideas are that way. And then I thought about asking for brilliant ideas.  Everyone could ask for one, just as I did.  Everyone – no matter their circumstances, could have their own brilliant idea and we could, together, save the world, each in our own way! All they have to do is ask, and then sleep on it. How exciting!

So get on your Magic Nights ship tonight and put on your Captain’s Uniform of inner wisdom, brilliance and authenticity.  Invite your crew of wise ones from the universe of your dreamtime and ask for a brilliant idea!  Do this every night for a week and let me know how it goes. Buy my book Magic Nights to learn just the right magic words and have a good understanding of how it works, and discover lots of other possibilities for nighttime adventure, too.

What if we all woke up with Einstein’s hair! – how fun would that be….

Have a Magic Night!

Dr. Katie








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