Two NEW Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep – for Life

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Sleeping with Sheep by Sammydavisdog

First, get help for snoring, sinus congestion and stress.  Then use the untapped power of your own mind to enhance your sleep quality and more:

1.  Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy , a gentle holistic bodywork technique, will release and heal the deep structural tensions and imbalances that contribute to poor sleep, as well as reducing and relaxing habitual stress patterns. This includes relieving snoring and sinus congestion.  It also relieves deep chronic stress patterns and balances your body for better sleep quality.  Find a therapist in your area with at least five courses in the CST track.  Additional coursework in the brain curriculum track are also helpful:


2.  Magic Nights book techniques to further help maximize sleep by using your own brain, your intention to consciously choose how you want to sleep and how you want to feel when you awaken. It’s a simple and fun mental protocol or visualization that can be done by anyone – even children.  You can read parts of the book at by clicking ‘Look Inside’:


About Sleep in General

Anyone who has done even the littlest bit of investigation on good sleep knows that there are only a few approaches to help sleep issues out there.  You’ll find a ‘sleep’ tab in many major health sites:  Huffington Post even has one in their healthy living section:

There is a lot of medical research; a lot of big words and fancy labels, as well as common sense advice.  The point these places make is that if you have difficulty with your sleep, it can either cause health problems, be a symptom of health problems, or exacerbate them in a vicious cycle.  Sleep is important.

One article:


Treatment up until now:

There are a lot of ‘sleep clinics’ which are testament to the fact that so many people have difficulty sleeping and their are not many great solutions.  After bigger health issues, such as heart problems, are ruled out or managed, the client undergoes lots of testing, and is then offered a few limited options.  the CPAP machine, perhaps a targeted drug or surgery as a last resort. These treatments are frequently bandaids on top of a much more complex challenge that involves so many systems – the entire chest, neck and head structure, the brain regulatory mechanisms and overall health and stress levels.

One sleep center:

How are these two tips new?

They address healing the structure and stress in a new way, and then empower by tapping into our own brain and immune system’s ability to heal, given the right guidance and support.  CranioSacral Therapy has been around since the 1970’s, but has never been directly marketed as a solution to sleep challenges.  I hope to change that.  From a therapist’s perspective, the treatment is easy.  I’ll describe my experience treating snoring in another post for you.

When I describe the sleep programming I do every night to others, it is so out of their realm of assumption that it takes a while to get beyond the blank look.  “When I lay me down to sleep…” but brain research is just beginning to see how our thoughts before sleep can help us learn and process, and how our thoughts affect our dreams as well.  Luckily, the technique is easy, fast and – most important – fun.  There is no need to wait for science to figure it out before taking advantage of all that time and brain power – and begin saving on medical bills.  All it takes is a belief that we are all capable of more, and a little persistence to understand the effects and how it can work for you.

Have a Magic Night!



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