The Journey for the Inner Child

Me at about five. I was really happy. Seriously.

Over time, I have discovered just how powerful my inner child is.  Her attitudes and decisions about ‘how life is’ have seemingly locked my life into certain streams of experience and have blocked off other perhaps more enjoyable streams of goodness from flowing into it.

Periodically I will go inside myself in a meditative state and envision visiting with her. I want to find out how she feels right now, and be there to offer my help in healing some of the fear and sadness that remains with her from her childhood experiences.

When I do visit her, it is with utmost respect and honoring of her being.  She contains wonderful gifts, intelligence and talent. She is incredibly strong, powerful and has survived physically and emotionally what I can only describe as a hell. And once or twice in her young life, when the opportunity arose to go to heaven, she was refused and told to return to earth.  She came back here, but under protest.  But she was not sent back empty handed.  Rather than just one guardian angel, she returnd with at least eight large helping angels.  So with these experiences, at a very young age she developed a trust and faith in the unseen, but still retained her fear of all people on this earth.

When I visit her, I go to help her pull down at least one more wall of defense against this world and everyone in it. I go with the purpose of helping her find a new way to let more love in and out.  First, I will ask her the purpose of the wall or defensive posture she has chosen.  Then I ask her if there might be a better way to achieve that goal that is for both of our highest good now.  Without fail and usually very quickly, she comes up with a perfect answer for both of us.  I had but to ask.

I have gone to my inner child time and again. I have taken the time to visit with her on holidays and in quiet times. Then one night I decided to take her with me on my Magic Nights journey.  Trusting in her wisdom, and our collective higher wisdom, I merely asked that we experience and receive what was for our highest good in the moment.

In the morning, I went within, returned to my Magic Nights ship and sat down with her.  I asked if she had anything to share with me.  She quickly told me that on her magic nights journey she had had a wonderful time.  When I looked at her, instead of being dressed in her usual flimsy nightgown, she now had a dress of gold and jewels and she also had a present for me.  I decided that it was a very good night for both of us.  I shall remember to take her out again until her heart is full and her delight is satisfied.  She certainly deserves it.

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