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Desert Sunset Meditation

A Quiet Mind is Good for Sleeping Well

It will help you fall asleep more easily and awaken more peacefully.

When I talk to people about the quality of their sleep, many mention an inability to turn off their minds, making it difficult to fall asleep. In this age of information overload and desk-jockey stress, that’s not unexpected.

But an hyperactive mind is not a healthy one, whether it comes from poor health or causes it. Sadly, many of us have forgotten how it feels to experience that deeply healing sleep our body needs and craves to fully recover from our daytime lives. A stressed-out, busy mind needs help from wherever it can get it.

A Comprehensive Approach to Clearing Your Mind:

Clearing and cleaning your environment:

  • Exercising in nature, breathing in good, pure natural air; nature will simultaneously soak up bad energy and feed you with good energy
  • Finding a place to get away from electronics of all kinds; they are their own form of insidious pollution.  .
  • Taking a break from all kinds of toxins; meaning artificial anything. Scents and non-natural cleaning solutions are typical offenders.
  • Use Feng Shui in your home and workspace.

Cleaning up your diet:

  • finding an organic, healthy, whole food, raw food, toxin-free, natural diet.-
  • or just getting used to buying your food at a good health food store such as Whole Foods.

Indulging in a non-tech hobby that raises your spirits and feeds your soul:

  •  such as gardening, music, art or crafts (nothing that has a plug or battery.)

Getting good bodywork:

  • Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy; for those who just want someone else to do it for them while they just lay there. It’s great for relieving stress on a deep level.  www.upledger.com
  • Lymphatic drainage would be a great bonus, as it clears out the body’s sewer pipes. Also found at Upledger.com

Using the Magic Nights technique every night to help with:

  • Finding a silent mind
  • Asking for general cleansing, clearing and balancing
  • Asking for a deep, healing, clearing sleep
  • Asking for your energetic body to be cleared, balanced and charged.

Unfortunately, many of us just don’t have enough time, energy or perhaps money to do the things that would be most helpful.  And we don’t want to give up everything we like now to farm potatoes in the wilderness and play fiddle at sunset. We prefer our over-stimulated daytime busy-ness. It seems to make our lives feel like they have some value.

Luckily, we have all night, every night, and the (free) power of our own mind and brain to get us back to that silent and peaceful state of mind. And we know, instinctively, that it’s a very important place to be able to find. It’s where the larger meaning of it all has a chance to slip into our lives.

The first time I used the Magic Nights technique to ask for a sense of a silent mind, it took about four days to work. On that day I woke up with that wonderfully peaceful, silent awareness that some people spend years of cross-legged devotion to find.  Then I practiced going back to that silent place during the day to make sure I could return to it when I needed it.

To be fair, I had achieved this kind of mental silence – a mind without words – before.  But that time was purely a matter of psychic self-defense.  I wrote about it in my book as it was a notable achievement in my early psychic development.

And to be clear, I have also experienced a kind of mental silence that is decidedly scary.  One time was possibly due to a toxic environment, the other more likely a symptom of my empathic tendencies (I was living with someone with Alzheimers). Luckily – physician heal thyself – I stopped the progression, reversed it with cranial adjustment, supplements and other natural remedies and recovered fully both times.

In the Magic Nights book, I recommend asking for a silent mind as your second nighttime ‘intention’ or destination, just after a good nights sleep. Finding that ability to listen on a deeper level is a core building block to further success with the work. It will help with that ‘attention’ part that happens when your alarm goes off in the morning and you are in that precious and powerful place just this side of the dream state. This is where you would pay attention to how you feel, what you are thinking and find the treasures you have brought back with you from your night’s journey.

After a full week of asking for a silent mind, you should have enough of a taste of that wonderful place that you can return to it more or less at will. Once there, not only should your mind be actively resting in a clear and peaceful state, but a very important door will open for you; a door to another world.  Now, with your intention, imagination and acceptance, the magical possibilities of our universe are open to you.


Have a Magic Night!

Dr Katie Hawn

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