Losing Weight vs. Gaining Attitude

Skinny by Jon Bell

The Psychology and Neuroscience of Getting Skinny:

Changing your mind about your body           and your life,  why it’s important,                     and two books that will help.


Is being thin, losing weight, or getting in shape more a matter of the “right mindset” than counting calories, carbs or sit-ups?

That’s what the “Russell Cook Wellness for the Real World” blog asked experts on the site:  www.drveronica.com


What are the real goals of getting “Skinny”? :

Self-acceptance,  Enjoyment of life,  and Freedom of expression.

So it’s just a matter of changing our goal, our focus: “changing our mind” about ourselves. That should be easy, right? But wait – aren’t we supposed to work hard at the gym? struggle to stay motivated to exercise? deprive ourselves of tasty foods? Our current society seems to encourage this approach. We beat ourselves up over not being thin enough or healthy enough or eating badly.

Paradoxically, this ‘hard work’ path to self-esteem and health can be the safer one emotionally. But where does it lead? Haven’t we all seen people with beautiful, thin, or buffed bodies that are just not attractive because they don’t believe it themselves or they just feel miserable on the inside and can’t completely disguise it no matter how much time or money they spend on their appearance? This self-flagellation only causes more stress and low-self esteem and can result in a downward spiral of – more of the same. If we forget the true goals of self-acceptance, enjoyment of life and freedom of expression, then all the exercise and dieting can seem endless, and pointless.

Dancing Pirate by Chris Willis

The seemingly easier path of changing our minds requires a commitment to introspection and self-love that can be long and painful in its own way. But it’s where the journey to “being thin” must begin, in order for it to end in true self-esteem and wellness.

It’s much easier to take care of ourselves when we feel loved and safe. And the most important source of love has to come from within as self-love and appreciation. If this is in place, then we will naturally make healthier choices for our bodies and our lives. True and healthy healing and wellness must begin with changing our minds about who we are, what we are worth and what we are capable of. Only then will the hard work we do for our health pay off, and stick.

Two books that will help are:

Magic Nights by Katie Hawn, DC (me) for an easy way to begin to “change your mind” while you sleep, finding self-love, motivation and getting a jump-start to health.  Tune into my Captain’s Log blog for more stories about how this works on a daily basis:



The Only Diet There Is by Sondra Ray for a wonderful presentation of why self-love is the only way to the true goal:


As a bonus,

Here is a great quote from Abraham-Hicks:

“Your sophisticated physical body exists because of the intelligence of your cells. And the intelligence of your cells exists because of their Connection to Source Energy.

When doctors and scientists try to find cures for diseases without taking into consideration the Vibrational relationship between the physical Being and Source Energy, they are looking for cures in all the wrong places. If the resistance that disallowed the Well-Being to begin with is not released, it will show up in the form of another and another disease.

Your cells, because of their connection to the intelligence of Source Energy, know exactly what to do in order to become the incredible variety of functioning cells in your magnificent physical body. And in the absence of the hindrance that is caused by your resistant negative thought, that communication stays open to clear, up-to-the-moment interaction, keeping your physical body at peak and perfect performance.

In the absence of negative emotion—and therefore the allowance of complete alignment and communication with Source Energy—your physical body can reclaim its balance and recover from any imbalance. And once balance has resumed, it is easy to maintain with consistently good-feeling thoughts.”   — Abraham

Excerpted from the Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide # 332



Have a Magic Night!

Dr. Katie Hawn


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