How to Sleep Your Way to Success

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Its all about changing your mind.

Changing your mind from what is – meaning what society tells you to think – to feeling the possibilities in our infinite, abundant universe. And using those feelings to launch yourself forward into a feeling of success, no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Joy by Tigr

That’s the first step.  Feel it. One night at a time.

What you think about before you go to bed matters.  It’s what your brain processes and learns during the night.  So find the feeling of how it would be to have what you want, find the words that describe it.

Say to your mind, your soul and the universe – “teach me how to feel….” successful / like a million bucks / free / peaceful / powerful / present, and happy.

Don’t think about what it should look like, or how you would get there.  Let the universe rearrange itself at your command to bring you the circumstances and opportunities to move you forward.

So that you can move forward into that new feeling, that new life, one step at a time, one night at a time.

During the day, listen for clues and release the old hurts as they arise. Honor every step.  Because the journey may seem long, possibly tortuous.  But hindsight will reveal why the steps you took were the right ones.

Your joy will grow, deep within.  And as it does, the universe, and everyone around you, will smile with you.

Isn’t that success, after all?

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