Have We Forgotten How to Play Like Children?

As adults, most of us would probably say, Yes.

Time to Play ..Yuppi .. by Yogendra Joshi

And we might think “it’s irresponsible” and “I don’t have time“. But what have we lost?  What would the world look like to us if we could all tap into our un-choreographed creative essence. Would we be able to again find the joy in simple things and allow ourselves to flow more harmoniously within our daily lives, no matter what they look like on the outside?

Doesn’t this sound like a wonderful place to live from?

I’ve been told my site looks like a children’s book. But that’s fine by me. It conveys that sense of adventure and magic that setting my intention each night has given my life.  And that’s what I want to pass along.

Most of us, as adults with busy and responsible lives, have forgotten how to play. We’ve forgotten that feeling of pure, innocent, un’adult’erated freedom, creativity and joy. It’s a dim memory, seemingly forbidden to us except in that rare moment when our inner child seeps out in a doodle, or wanders off the beaten path, where our actions and thoughts are unintentionally unrehearsed.

But should it be – just a memory?  Should we wait until retirement to feel like we can play again?

No time, too stressed out, too much responsibility…

  • If you do have some time during the day, buy a box of crayons, for yourself – to play with color without being an ‘artist’.
  • Or find somewhere to indulge in improvisatory movement and dance – play with movement without choreography, without steps to learn or people to impress. A Group Motion workshop is a great example of this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywJtHiG8zNk
  • And whether you play during the day or not, remember to claim your time asleep to play more:

Because there are a number of hours – at least six to eight for most of us – that are ours alone.  Our time asleep; no TV, no responsibility, no to do list, no big brother watching.  It’s a physical necessity, a vacation from the day, and a time to recharge.

We all have more control over this ‘me time’ than we realize.  There’s no need to have scientific proof before using our own brain’s power.

All you need is the tiniest willingness to use your imagination, claim your ‘me time’, and the tried and tested technique in Magic Nights.

Start with the words to help you to sleep better.  Then, along with getting better sleep, take charge of your power within and ask for something more:

Ask for a Spa Night: relax through a night at the best and most perfect and beautiful healing spa in the whole wide universe for you right now.

Or go to a Yoga Temple: dance through a peaceful, balancing and healing night at the most perfect and beautiful Yoga temple in the whole wide universe for you right now.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Learn again to play, dance and have fun.  Imagine how you want to feel in the morning and decide the words to describe where you would go to help you feel that way.  Decide who you would like to invite to take along with you. Then put on your Captain’s uniform, take the wheel of your nighttime ship and sail away…


Have a Magic Night!

Katie Hawn, DC

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