Dreaming: As Defined from a Rather Cosmic Viewpoint

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Starchild's Playground by SammyDavisDog

Archangel Michael Describes the Dream State:


Below is an excerpt from a channelling of Archangel Michael through Celia Finn.  The last few sentences are a great description of the Magic Nights journey!



Archangel Michael:

“Beloveds, the 6th Dimension is the realm of Magic and Enchantment, or if you will be more scientific, the realm of the Quantum, or what was known by the Ancestors as the Dream Time. It is that place where “reality” is flexible and malleable, and where consciousness and desire shape cause and effect on the lower dimensions. Those who enter this dimensional playground must be “pure of heart” or they will be forever trapped in the “hall of mirrors” of their own greed and anger, endlessly creating “karma”. It is for that reason that in this New Reality the bridge to the Higher Dimensions is Compassion, for those who live by the Law of Conmpassion are pure of heart and will not be entangled in the illusions of greed and power.

The Starchild is pure of heart and seeks only to explore,adventure and share the gifts of Spirit. There is nothing to hold, to own or to hide, for all is open and clear in the Cosmic Fields of Light which are the playground of the Starchild within.

To journey in the Fields of Light it is necessary to be also a Master of Light Harmonics. This simply means to have activated your Light Body and to be able to function with that Light Body from its center in the Heart.  [i.e. Put on your Magic Nights Captain’s Uniform.]

The Master of Light Harmonics is centered in the Heart and Grounded in the Earth Star Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra. The Master of Light Harmonics is able to keep the Light Body in a state of Harmonic Resonance with Divine Light and Will, and to absorb Cosmic radiations into the Light Body with ease.

The Master of Light Harmonics is always fully aware of the Energy and Light around him or her, and is able to maintain equilibrium and balance at all times.

When these abilities have been mastered and integrated, then you will be able to ride the rays of light and journey in the Cosmic Fields of stars with ease. You will be able to flow with the Cosmic waves and you will be enabled to shape the quantum flows into the reality of your choice in the processes of co-creation with the Light.”

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